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There are many factors to consider when choosing new curtains for your home, which is why we’re here.

We’ll guide you through everything easily, to help you create the style that you want.

Something simple is always best. Whether a traditional Pinch heading that creates a more tailored and formal look or going contemporary with Eyelets or a flat heading to create a soft casual waved look.

The length.
Short, full, or breaking on the floor
All look fantastic and will depend on individual situations.

The stack.
Straight hung or tied back.
We will make sure that depending on the look you’re after, and the amount of space you have around the window, the room is kept bright and that you don’t lose too much valuable light.

Functional or dress.
Practical curtains that will be used everyday or purely for show, and will probably never be moved but will soften the look of the room.
This looks great with another curtain or blind at the window, this is called layering, and creates an even more sumptuous look.

The trend has been to keep things simple, and with a Pelmet you’re able to cover tracks, hide blinds etc but still keep a clean look.
All our pelmets can be customised to work with your room perfectly.

All our curtains are hand made using experienced seamstresses so that you get exactly the service and finish you deserve.

Please contact us for further information.